Unlikely Overlanders

The internet regurgitates some weird and cool stuff sometimes. These however are definitely the weirdest, coolest off-road rigs getting around the world wide web.

Define an overland vehicle. Doth a 4x4 with low range and a roof rack maketh the

overlander? Or, is it any vehicle designed for travelling over land, for a specific destination or purpose? If it is, then here are some of the best, most unlikely and just flat out odd off-road vehicles getting around the globe today. Don’t know if we’d personally own any of them, but by gum we love looking at ’ ‘em. Check it out.

“Hans, launch the Porsche!”

Powered by a 3.2L litre Carrera engine, this 911 Safari runs 16in Fuchs wheels, off-road tyres and hardcore rally suspension designed to handle a 65ft jump at high speed. Cape York on a budget? Not likely, but man do we want to drive it.

One-Trick Prancing Pony

If this image is an accurate survey, then most Japanese campers prefer to cook their eggs on the engine of a $900,000 Ferrari F40. I’m in, so long as there’s BBQ sauce in the door pocket and some bacon sizzling on the header pipes.


When you think two-wheeled touring, you’d typically flash to a RTW inspired BMW R1200GSA, not a Vespa scooter. For Juvena Huang, there was no other choice in her mind for a 44,000-kilometres-in-27-months odyssey from Singapore to Europe. She’s crossed 25 countries, and says, “It’s the rider, not the bike”. We couldn't agree more. Overland/10.

You can’t be serious?

Bentley’s Continental GT is nothing, if not the perfect choice for an overland vehicle that still cuts the mustard for the social elite, drug dealers and cranky old bastards with mahogany book ends and curiously young wives. This one however, will also take your cranky old arse across the Sahara with its adjustable rally suspension, skid plates, modular roll cage and roof rack design and Finke inspired gear storage.

General Disarray

How to build the ultimate camper back? Soni Honegger got sick of breaking gearboxes on his Dodge Ram, and so did the only logical thing: grabbed an ex-military AM General M920 8x8 with the attached command post trailer and converted the command post to a domicile. Oh, and threw a side-by-side on the back for good measure and extra overland points. As you do.

Far out Fusca

From Brazil to Alaska, this Beetle is 100% overland. The owners, Igor and Mateus are proving you don't always need a front diff to find adventure. Beetles, or Fuscas as they're known in Brazil, have a reputation for being tough bloody vehicles. This one proves the point beyond doubt... Anyone know of one for sale that isn’t completely Fusca’d?


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