Single Person Fishing Perfection

Light, Stable, Practical and Cool - The Zego is an ATV for the water.

It’s hard to categorise the Zego. Is it a boat? Is it a Jet Ski? Is it a leisure craft? Is it for offshore use or calmer waters only?

Er, kind of, no, no, sure and not necessarily, respectively.

Let me break this down for you. If you like a super-easy-to-launch, nimble, stable, single or two-person fishing platform that could easily punch you over any bar in the country or fish comfortably in choppy conditions then you need to take a look at these budget little weapons. I guess the easiest way to adequately describe them would be an ATV of the water – much more practical than a jet ski, much less bulky than a tinny and able to handle a surprising amount of whatever you want to throw at it.

If you’re chasing a lightweight, simple trailer boat that would be just as comfy fishing the Cape as it would powering over waves that’d have an equivalent-size tinny acting like a mechanical bull, come along as we take a look at one of the most unusual, and impressive, boats I’ve ever come across.


Roughly the size of a car topper, the Zego is no family boat. But it’s not designed for that. It’s a one to two-person fishing or fun rig, and trust me, this thing is an absolute hoot on the water. The twin-sponson catamaran hull handles the chop like a much bigger and heavier mono, and also allows for a huge degree of stability when you’re standing on the casting deck flicking a lure. The 30hp Tohatsu ring-dinger scoots the small craft along with the quickness and the comparison to an ATV is even more apt during the turns. It doesn’t lean in like a monohull/motorbike, it stays flat which takes a little getting used to I admit, but after a few minutes it’s not a concern – mainly because you’re too focussed on smiling like an idiot at what this thing can do.


As mentioned, if you’re looking for a boat to spend a day fishing on with the family or taking your mates and their spouses for a cruise up the river with canapes and mint juleps aplenty, this is not the boat for you. But if you’re looking for something ultra-lightweight that you can tow easily, launch quickly, get out to your hidden marker, catch a feed and head back to the ramp before breakfast, then you need to check this thing out. Even if you have a larger boat already, like I do, I can still see how having one of these in the garage would be such an advantage for those days when it’s just me heading out for a sneaky fish or to dive the FADs.

At around eight gorillas, the Zegos are well-priced, fast, capable, practical and bloody fun. Don’t be surprised if you see them again in Red Dirt Diary. The possibilities for these little blasters are enough to make your head spin.


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