Review: ARB Twin Compressor

After a year living with one of the most expensive 12V compressors on the market, does it live up to the outlay?

Nudging a thousand dollarydoos for a compressor ain’t cheap. There’s no getting around that fact when you can pick one up from Ali Baba (where a lot of retailers these days shop these days) for probably less than a cabbage.

But buying a product like the ARB twin compressor isn’t about how much it costs or how some blowhard on Facebook will tell you how his $70 unit “‘does exactly the same thing” (it doesn’t by the way), it’s about dependability. And speed. And knowing that something is going to work each and every time you get it out and get it angry.

That’s what you’re paying for with this thing, and frankly, after several runs to the Cape and heavy use up and down the entire East Coast and a fair swath of the Outback, it’s still impressing us.

"The ARB Twin flat out works."

It’s regularly called into use in some pretty inhospitable climes to pump up several 33in tyres, two sets of 35s and has even got some 42in Unimog tyres back to road pressures without complaining. Then there are the innumerable air mattresses, footies, air filter blow-outs, starting fires with damp wood sessions – you name it. It’s been wet, muddy, sandy, dusty, dropped, kicked, sat on and generally just treated like a rented mule. It’s taken it all and is still performing like it has just left the factory.

Did I mention how quick it is too? This compressor has been on the market for a while now so you can find inflation figures for it all over the web, but in a real-world scenario it has often pumped up three vehicles on larger-than-stock rubber in about the same time it takes to get a bottle of water out the fridge and put it down your neck. The only other compressor that springs to mind here in terms of similar (well, better, but it’s double the price again) is an Oasis, and they’re serious bits of kit.

So yeah, it is a fair amount of money to outlay, but as an off-road accessory that probably only gets used less than aftermarket tyres, I can’t see anyone regretting the purchase.

The ARB Twin flat out works.


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