Optimus Prime

How does this top-shelf, do-it-all adventure stove stack up to the competition?


Adventure stoves really only have to do three things well: Heat water and food evenly; not be a nightmare to light; and be robust enough to survive whatever adventure you’re tackling. The Optimus Nova is a hardcore adventure stove that can run on petrol, white gas, kerosene and even diesel. Yep, the Nova will burn diesel making it a great backup stove for a remote 4WD tourer.


Liquid stoves need to warm up in order to vaporise liquid fuel into gas. The Nova has one of the shortest warm up times I’ve experienced to date – a fair whack faster than the MSR Whisperlite for example. The stove burns hard, hot and gets a pot of water boiling unbelievably fast. The build quality is impressive too. Compared to similar stoves on the market, the Nova is built like a tank and has quite a long braided fuel line; those features make it a tad heavier than some, but also make it more robust. One of my favourite things about the stove is that Optimus saw fit to provide a field service kit with the stove. O-rings, a multi fit tool with a jet-cleaning magnet and some grease are very welcome inclusions.


There’s one design flaw in this stove that I find so idiotic, that it actually annoys me to think about. The whole stove collapses down into a really tight little bundle… well, except for the three inches of jet tube that can’t be removed and hangs stupidly out the side. If it weren’t for that tube I’d say it’s near indestructible. Another, not so much grievance, but statement of fact: the Nova is tougher, but therefore heavier than the others. In my opinion it’s best suited to kayak, motorbike, or dual-person hiking trips where you can share the load.


You value durability over light-weight, and functionality over dead-simplicity. The Nova

will suit any adventurer that’s on foot, on the water, or on two wheels. It’s an expensive, but utterly brilliant adventure stove that’ll cop whatever you can throw at it.



- Very Durable

- Hot Consistent Flame

- All Alloy Fuel Pump

- Included Service Kit


- Jet Sticks Way Out

- Heavy

- Loud Burn

- Expensive

MSRP: $279.95 (Does not include Optimus fuel bottle)

More Info: www.optimusstoves.com


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