One Knot To Rule Them All

If there’s one fishing knot you need to learn, it’s the improved clinch knot.

You might be a weekend fisho, occasional lure flicker or opportunistic Barra hunter on the

annual Top End trip, but there’s no difference: when that once in a lifetime fish hits your

lure, you want it staying there. Now, you don't need to know every knot in the book (hint: it’s a big book) but there’s one knot that'll see you through just about anything shy of a barracuda.

You'll use it to tie on lures, flies, sinkers, swivels and hooks, and it’s the humble and ever-so-reliable improved clinch knot.

STEP ONE: Feed about six inches of leader through the eyelet of your hook, lure or swivel.

STEP TWO: Double the line back on itself, and twist it six to seven times and hold it.

STEP THREE: Feed the tag of the line through the small eyelet of line at the base of the twists, then back through the large loop you just created.

STEPS FOUR & FIVE: Moisten the knot with a little spit, and pull the knot tight up against the eyelet of the hook or lure. Trim the excess.

There you have it, the one knot that every fisherman can tie, and every one should know.

Now, tie it on your favourite lure and throw it towards that sweet looking snag!


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