Braving The Elements

After weeks of hard wheeling in an open ute, how did ARB’s latest fridge hold up?

There are a lot of fridges on the market these days. The majority are pretty much the

same moulded plastic using the same insulation and the same compressors. So when

ARB came out with their latest Elements fridge we were intrigued. This thing supposedly

was designed to be left outside a vehicle in the dust, mud, rain and sand and be able to

handle it with ease. Sounds kinda perfect for those of us with utes who take them off-

road right?

We decided to pick one up, mounted it in Dan’s Ranger’s tray, plugged it in and set off

on a 5000km trip that included hardcore wheeling, dirt-road driving, mud-plugging, rock

crawling, water crossings and sand, lots of sand.

Did we treat this fridge like a rented mule and abuse it way beyond its design

parameters? Absolutely. Did it do its job exceptionally well? Again, can’t say anything

other than yes.

We may or may not have forgot to tie it down while wheeling Glasshouse. Apart for a bit

of a dent in the metal casing it was unaffected by the airtime it got. We had it sitting in

direct sun on a 38*C day and it kept the food and drinks cooler than a polar bear’s nuts.

In fact, the only real question we had was why the hell aren’t more fridges made this



 Stainless body and hinges and aluminium latches are stout as hell

 Magnetic lock that can be set by user on the control pad

 Gas-strut on the lid – seriously, every fridge should have this!

 It is actually weatherproof. Short of putting it in a sand-blasting cabinet we threw every permutation of dust, mud, sand and water at it and nothing went wrong

 60L capacity is about perfect for extended trips we reckon

 Internal LED light is way more useful than you think it might be


 At just over 30kg it ain’t light. But strength usually comes with weight

 Having to pay for it. At $1699 (RRP) it wasn’t cheap, but it’s so far ahead of a $299

Alibaba special that it’s apples and oranges. Want something that’ll probably

outlast your vehicle (or six aftermarket cv joints), look no further.


Disclaimer 1: ARB are not currently advertisers with us and we’re not big on cash for

comment anyway. This is legit our first-hand experience with this thing.

Disclaimer 2: Due to the rigours of shooting schedules, the tracks we drive and general

laziness we are generally hard on our gear. Like, harder than you’ll probably ever be.

Just so you don’t think we babied this fridge. It was left dented, beat-up and smelled like

a desert morgue because we forgot to take some meat out of it.


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