A B O U T   R E D   D I R Y  D I A R Y 

Red Dirt Diary's mission has always been to create entertainment and inspire other 4wd drivers to get out and chase the adventure! 

To give you tips and advice from what we have learnt along our adventures. In such a saturated Industry we want create something new, innovative and different from the rest. 


This is more than a 4wd and lifestyle show, this is more than you average 4wd community, this is about diversity about breaking stigmas and showing no matter who you are, the sky is the limit. People come in all shapes and sizes, as does content creation and we believe that just because we are outside of the typical relm, you may think we don't fit in but that's because we dont want to, we believe there is no limit or criteria when it comes to doing what you love.

Meet the hosts

Bridget Crosato is up and coming in the industry and well and truly has entered the stage. While she has a large adventure background from touring, snow boarding, the thing that seperate's Bridget from the rest is her creativity and daring moves in how she built her car, her innovating ways have given the social media scene the freshen up they didn't know they needed!

Bridget steers a N70 Hilux, fully built and designed by herself, you can really see the quailty behind this girls work in her car! It's like no other N70 around. Recently she has Twin locked this beast and created a Deluxe hotel style timber canopy fit out and to top it off she added some chromoly bar work! Like we said there isnt another N70 like it!

Brianna is a well established face in the 4wd adventure and lifestyle industry, making her mark three years ago with her undeniable and clear passion for four wheel driving. She isn't afraid to hit the big tracks with the blokes and put her GU through it's paces! As much as she loves locking the hubs in, she also has a passion for some old american muscle, especially the old Monaro stored away in the shed waiting for a rainy day! Anything with an engine and this girl is in!

Brianna spins the wheel of a Nissan GU Patrol, The mighty Datsun comes with all the bells and whistle to give her all the advantages out on the track such as; Twin air lockers, 63% Reduction gears, 37inch R/T Toyo tyres! and a cheeky 240hp at the rear wheels!